My Fiancé’s Family Told Him I Am Not God’s Will For Him-Pls Advice 2

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For my sanity, I refused to date anyone immediately cos I was still hurt. But after like 5 months, I noticed, a manager where I work trying to fl!rt with me. The man is engaged but he said he wished its me he met before his engagement cos he likes me alot. Well ma, to be honest, I was not interested but this man keeps buying me gifts and I have to support my mother cos she is not very well and cannot work.

I know I was wrong for accepting those gifts but I needed the support. Then he asked me what will I do for him since he has been giving me nice things. I told him what can I do, and he said, to be his special friend and just make him happy…well, I know what that means. I spent a weekend with him in a hotel and he was very generous to me.

Everyone knows how tough things are, I earn less than 35k every month as a graduate. Its not enough for feeding and transport, not to talk of taking care of my mom and my siblings. I had to maintain cos my fiancé that was helping me was no more.

The manager and I have this affair going for like 3 months going now. And out of the blues, my ex fiancé calls me and says he wants me back. That he was deceived by his family to marry an Igbo girl but he discovered its me he loves and he is sorry. I told him I now have a boyfriend but he is refusing to give up.

Please I need your advice, should I go to my ex and make up with him? Or should I remain with this manager who is engaged to be married to someone else?  If I go back to my ex…will his family accept me fully or will they continue to treat me like an inferior person just because I am not from the same place as them? I think they also do not like that their son is assisting my family financially. Its well.

Another thing, when I was with my ex, I was a vir-g!n, now I am no more. Should I tell him or just keep quiet about it? Cos, its not like I knew we were going to reconcile

If its according to who I love to choose from…I love my ex more than the manager. The manager is just for support purpose but my ex loves me so much and I love him so much, he loves my mother and family so much..,, he takes care of all their financial needs from schooling to rent to allowance, etc.

I just feel so hurt that he dumped me for a stupid trick his family played on him cos they don’t like their son to marry a none Igbo woman. What should I do?

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