My Marriage Is Under Fire-I Saw Charms In My Brother In-law’s Bag 2

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I discovered something was smelling from his bag and I opened it, then I saw a charm that had my picture tied around it. I was shocked. I was like why does this guy have my picture in a charm tied together?

Since then, I became afraid. I realize that this boy must have used charm for me, that is why I cannot have the sense to resist him anytime he wants to have s3-x with me. I am so scared of him. I confronted him when he came back and he said its not real, that its just fake. But that he is in love with me but not like that…

I told him to leave my house or I will report him to his brother but he threatened to tell his brother about us. I was like…if you do, your brother will also send you out but he made me realize that his brother can only send him away but his brother will divorce me. Which is true.

My husband’s divorced his first wife cos of cheating so I know he will be too disappointed if he finds out what I did,…and he will definitely send me away. So, I have no choice but to keep quiet but everyday, my husband told me he was travelling day before yesterday again. I had to lock my door last two nights and put a big chair against it before I can sleep cos I do not want this boy to come and use his charm to have s8x with me again.

I am also so scared cos everyday, I am thinking of this boy’s man-h00d and missing him. Maybe the charm is trying to make me weak and come back to him. How do I explain this to anyone for them to believe me? My own husband’s brother fv-ccked me with charm and is still living inside my house, this is a serious threat, what do I do please. How do I make him leave my house before something happens again?

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