One Satisfies Me Financially, The Other Delights Me S3-xually… I’m In Love With Two Men, I Don’t Know What To Do 2

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Back to secondary school! On the night of our socials after our final exams, I was heading to the hostel, when I heard soft whispers that sounded like someone was in pain, I moved closer to catch a glimpse of what was happening, I saw a girl who sat on a boy’s lap facing him. That would have been an ordinary sight except that there were movements, she seemed to be bouncing on his laps, she would wriggle for a while and stop to k!-$$ him gently. Soon, I heard a familiar voice, it was Tunde’s. He was pleasurably having s3-x with Linda the social prefect. I was hurt and confused, turned between confronting him on the spot or fight with Linda for what I felt belonged to me.

I painfully ignored them and vowed never to speak with Tunde again. I later gained admission that year and left for Abuja. So that was what happened about Tunde.

So back to present day! During my industrial attachment at GK Industrial Ltd, guess who I met again, Tunde! yes my secondary school boyfriend. He had come for the same purpose – one year I.T. The first time I saw him at the hallway I was filled with so much joy and wanted to hug him, I seemed to have forgotten what led to our breakup in the first place. We finally met at the reception one morning and I gave him a cold reception.

After three weeks of consciously avoiding Tunde at work, I had finished late that day so I wasn’t expecting to see any of my colleagues around. As I stepped into the car park I saw Tunde waiting for me, he had decided we’re going to iron out whatever the issue was that day. After about an hour of pleading I got into his car and we began to talk, he was shocked that I knew he had s3-x with Linda since he didn’t know I had knowledge of the incident let alone catching him in the act. His plea was endless. He attempted to explain how Linda had been sedv-cing him but couldn’t help the situation that night. He promised to make it up to me but I told him it wasn’t necessary since I was now with Kunle.

As time went by, I began to forgive Tunde and our friendship began to blossom again, we often wait for each other after work, every Friday after work we would either go to the movies or concerts, one time it was a comedy show. On one of such Fridays at the cinema, we’re watching our second movie when I caught wind of the time, it was 10:30 pm, our estate gate closes by 11, the movie was 1 hour 15mins to it’s end. I called Tunde’s attention to this and he suggested that I sleep over at his place and without thinking twice I agreed.

We got to Tunde’s apartment around 12:20am, we had eaten and was just going to sleep. I had trouble unhooking my necklace so I called for help, as Tunde tried to unhook my necklace he planted a k!-ss on my neck

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