One Satisfies Me Financially, The Other Delights Me S3-xually… I’m In Love With Two Men, I Don’t Know What To Do 3

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that sent shivers down my spine, he ran his fingers on my face and chest briefly and we began to k!-$s, it was like the good old days but better. He began to fondle my full br3-@st gently as we unconsciously made our way to the couch, he laid me down and continued to k!-$s me, then with one hand, he unzipped my dress and unhooked my bra letting out my t!ts in a bouncy motion. He fondled them with great pleasure before latching on them one after the other, I m0-@aned softly trying to call his name Tun, Tund, Tunde stop Please!

I managed to complete my sentence. With worry in his eyes he said “Babe, I said I was sorry and I mean it, I still love you, please give me a chance, let me make this right” his appeal went straight to my soul and I knew I wanted him too. But “I can’t give you what you want, I don’t like s3-x, it’s too painful” I told him.

In utter dismay and to what seemed like a joke, Tunde laughed hysterically, “but I thought you and Kunle..” you thought Kunle and I what?, You thought wrong Oga! I cut in. “Although he takes care of me financially, s3-xually, he’s rough and doesn’t care if it hurts. It’s been up to three times we tried and it’s always been a nightmare for me, he seem to always have a filled day though”. I could read pity and concern from Tunde’s expression. “Do you trust me?” he asked! I looked at him with the corner of my eyes and he rephrased immediately and said “just give me one chance tonight if you don’t like it, forget it, I will never try to…” I didn’t let him finish his statement when I said “Okay! But first let me freshen up”

I guess he noticed the anxiety on my face and decided not to proceed as planned. He slept off before I returned from the bathroom. I must have had a very refreshing bath because I slept like a baby. The next day, a cold Saturday, I woke up to a tray of sandwich and hot beverage prepared by Tunde. He begged me to please spend that day with him. Well, being a Saturday, there wasn’t much to be done at my place either except for a few laundry.

Tunde wore a smart boxer that allowed his man-h0od to dangle with some freedom. I wasn’t sure if I should be scared of the size of what I was seeing. Anyway, he joined me in bed and fed me the breakfast. That led to a fresh bout of k!-$$ing, fondling and touching. As he sucked my b0-0bs gently, I felt his right hand move slightly down my th!ghs and between my legs, he gently spread my legs with his left and allowed his right to roam the exterior part of my cu-nt. I m0-@aned softly as his fingers grazed my cl!-t0ris. In no time, I had become embarrassingly wet. I had exchanged my short corporate gown for an oversized shirt the previous night. The shirt revealed some fresh skin that called his attention to my th!ghs. Soon he began to k!-$$ my semi flat tummy down my th!-ghs, then my inner th!-ghs. I began to m0-@an a little louder, I felt some kind of chill over my vag-!na and I m0-@ned yet louder. The sensation was beyond my imagination. Tunde was sv-cck!ng my pv-$$y, sorry he was eating my snail, wow!

I have never felt this before. My feet began to curl and tingle, with his head buried in between my legs, his tongue swirling around the whole of my cu-nt. I begged him not to stop, like a recorder on repeat, I kept saying don’t stop, please don’t stop T’ and as though he turned the heat up, I changed gear gradually from a low pitch of T’…, to a higher T’…, then, and then a much louder scream of ‘baby oh….!’ Squ!-rting and jerking, I was spewing fluid all over his moustache. With a mischievous grin on his face he finally raised his head and said ”that’s my girl”. As he came up to my chest level to k!-$$ me I felt his d!-cck, hard and strong, I raised my legs to receive the roundhead, it glided in, like it wasn’t its first time. Tunde began to make love to me. It was so sweet like nothing I have ever felt before.

That’s how Tunde and I started dating again.

Now am confused! I have always loved Tunde, and he knows how to do me right but I love Kunle too he takes care of my needs. What do I do?

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