Turn Up In Slow Mo: The Late Night Bedroom Gymnastics 2

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She let out a loud sigh and began to sv-cck my d!-cck, making sure to lubricate it with her saliva as she went. Her tongue twirled expertly around the head of my d!-cck and I groaned in pleasure. I grabbed a chunk of her hair and pushed down on my d!-cck, making her swallow the whole thing. She opened her mouth wide and I jerked my hips upwards, fv-cck!ng her hard in her throat. She soon began to gag but I did not care, I shoved my c0-cck as deep as it would go until she was finally able to struggle out of my grip.

“Damn, you don’t play, do you?” she said.

“Thought you said you were not here for games,” I retorted, watching her clean some of the saliva that was dripping down her mouth.

She got off me and turned around on the bed, her a$$ facing me. I quickly got up, grabbed her waist and shoved my hard d!-cck straight up her a$$. I began moving in and out, enjoying the way her walls enveloped me.

“Fv-cck me. Fv-cck me harder. No games, remember, give me that d!-cck,” she said, goading me.

I did as she asked. I did more than that. Digging my nails into her flesh, I pushed so hard into her that the tip of my c0-cck was scraping against her cervix. She was no longer able to talk and all that escaped her was short gasps for air. My pelvis was hitting hard at her a$$ and my nails were nearly drawing blood.

I did not care how deep I was or how hard I was against her. I completely let go and shoved that throbbing c0-cck deep into her over and over until my balls tightened and I exploded, shooting cu-mm straight up her wet cu-nt.

We both collapsed on the bed. She was panting, exhausted and I felt proud.

“You can go now, you got what you wanted,” I said.

“If I didn’t know better, I would think you only wanted me for my body,” she replied as she got up and head to the living room to find her clothes.

Her body was the only thing I wanted and I resolved to no longer fight it. Whenever I needed some pu-$$y, I would go find that neighbourhood wh0-re and shove my c0-cck into her until she lost her breath.

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