W€t & Tingling: The Early Morning Couple Devotion 2

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Patricia replied as she started working on his belt, unhooking it. While he still protested, she unhooked his trouser zipper too and reached into his shorts to grab his hardening c0-cck.

“You are going to make me late,” Henry said in defeat. He knew there was no way he could leave now, with his wife so desperately h0-rny. She chuckled, k!-$$ing him while he removed the blanket from her body.

She was wearing one of his shirts and no underwear. He reached beneath it and was pleasantly surprised to find her wet. He slipped a finger inside her, wanting to drive her crazy even more then he realised they did not have much time.

He stood up, quickly removed his clothes and then returned to his wife. Patricia has opened her legs, hungrily awaiting him and soon, she got what she wanted. He slipped his hard d!-cck into her and returned his mouth to hers. He fv-ccked her while still claiming her mouth. She wrapped her legs around him, gripping his hard d!-cck tightly and he m0@ned, savouring the feeling.

She gripped his shoulders and curled her toes as she came. The dream had already worked her up to the hilt so she was soon overtaken with back to back org-asms. Henry loved when she let go like that. He loved the little squeak she made when she came and the way she squirmed underneath him. He wished they had hours. He would have taken out his c0-cck and l!-ccked all her cu-m until she came again, straight into his mouth this time.

But there was no time so when he felt the familiar tug in his ba||s, he gave in and let go, shuddering as he came in his wife’s pv-$$y.

He k!-$$ed her deeply, m0@ning into her mouth until he was empty. After taking a couple of minutes to recover, he got up to take a shower. By the time he returned, Patricia had conked out, so deeply asleep that she was letting out tiny snores. He smiled. She was definitely satisfied now. He had done his job. It was time to go to work.

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