Iron Rod Through The Back: A Late Evening Office Discussion – 2

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“Helen, can you come in for just a second?” Mr Afeez spoke into the intercom.

“Yes Sir,” Helen replied. It was almost 6pm and she knew exactly what he wanted. She usually waited after everyone else in the office had left. Mr Afeez had ordered her to since the day he hired her and she soon found out why. He would call on her sometimes and would order her to turn around, bending over to the desk as he fv-ccked her.

Every evening, she waited for the call. Sometimes, the call did not come so she would pack up and leave at 6pm. She never asked him why he chooses or chooses not to call on her. She just did whatever he wanted. He was her boss and she could not disobey.

She stood up from her desk just outside his office, adjusted her dark blue pencil skirt and wiped her sweaty palms on the fabric. She ran a hand through her hair, making sure all was fine. She walked to his office and opened the door after one knock.

She entered and stood by his desk, waiting for him. His eyes scanned her body, from her legs up to her face then he stood up and came towards her. His hands came to her h!ps and he raised her skirt, his hands sliding against her skin, igniting her ar0-usal. He grabbed the waistband of her pan-t!es and pulled down, then turned her around so her hands were gripping the desk.

She felt his hand probe between her legs. He pushed further into her pv-$$y, rubbing her until he had gathered enough juice that had percolated there. Once his hand was well soaked with her juice, he slid a finger into her a$$-hole, lubricating her. He alternated between finger-!ng her pv-$$y and her a$$-hole until he was sure she was ready.

After a few attempts, he soaked two fingers inside her hot, wet pv-$$y, then slipped those fingers into her an-us, stretching her more. She m0-@ned, jerking her a$$ towards him, yearning for more.

Finally, she heard the sound of his trouser zip and she knew it was almost time. 

She felt the head of his c0-cck tease her ana-| entrance before he entered, swiftly and deeply. She cried out, reaching her hand down to finger her cu-nt as he fv-ccked.

The more he fv-ccked her, the harder she fv-ccked herself. She was soon bucking back and forth, enjoying the pene-tration on both ends. Within seconds, she was cu-mm!ng, her juice dripping down her legs.

Using one hand, he pushed her back, forcing her to lie the top part of her body on the desk so the pene-tration will be better. His thrusts were faster and more eager. He groaned, roughly entering her in and out as she tried to maintain her ar0-usal by teas!ng and flick!ng her cl!-t. Another org-@sm overwhelmed her and she tightened against her hand, letting go.

He let go too, gripping her so hard that his nails dug into her skin and he came, filling her deep an-us with his c-umm. She sighed as he removed his d!-cck. He wore his trousers and she pulled up her panties. She pulled down her skirt and left the office.

Time to head home.


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