Six Packs, Tall & Handsome: My Best friend’s Brother Is The Only Key To My Happiness – 2

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I met Soji while visiting Cynthia, my very good friend. Soji was Cynthia’s younger brother and he was into computer repairs. He was young, probably about 26-28 and he was very handsome. He was tall and really toned. I was nearly drooling when I saw him and when he gave me his card, asking me to contact him if I needed to fix any computer or any other gadget, I took it happily. One way or another, I was going to call him.

I gave him a call two weeks later, asking him to come around and take a look at my desktop. He came the next day and I was prepared. Michael had gone to work and my kid was in daycare. I donned a pink silky dress that rubbed enticingly against my nak-ed body underneath. I was very aware that the dress was very transparent and my b-00bs and a$$ can be clearly seen.

Soji’s breath caught as soon as I opened the door. I smiled, welcoming him. I then led him to the desktop in our bedroom that had not been used in years. That was the ruse I used to invite him. I did not even need the computer but I was very glad I had something to lure him with. I made sure to walk in front of him as we went, giving him a nice view of my backside gliding in the dress.

When we reached the bedroom, he started taking a look at the computer. I sat on the bed, making sure, as I did, that my dress was hiked up and my th!ghs were open for him to see. He kept glancing towards where I sat. I smiled at him in encouragement and tried to strike up a conversation. I asked him if he had a girlfriend and he said no. I said it was just a shame since any girl will be lucky to have a man as handsome as he was. He smiled at the compliment and my attempt at fl!-rtation.

After a few minutes of fiddling with the computer, he came to sit beside me on the bed, which was a good sign and started to explain that he had to take the gadget to his shop to diagnose it. As he talked, I scooted closer to him and his hand came to rest on my shoulder. I turned my head to him and his l!ps met mine.

The k!-$s was hungry and passionate. I had already worked myself up to near org-@sm with all of the sed-uction gameplans and as soon as his hand went underneath my dress to grope at my pv-$$y, I was already close.

Two fingers slipped into my cv-nt and he started pumping in and out. I savoured the feeling and m0-@ned into his mouth as he worked. His k!-$$es muffled my cry of pleasure as I came.

Once I was done riding my org-@sm, Soji stood up and unzipped his jeans. He laid down and he straddled me, plunging his erect d!-ck in my pv-$$y. He fv-ccked me hard and fast and within minutes, I was quiver!ng, cu-mm!ng hard almost the same time he did.

It was amazing and I planned on doing it again.


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