Totally Bound, Completely Used – 2

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My heart begins to thump. What do you mean? I soon hear footsteps entering the room. I try to focus on counting. I can hear two, or is it three people enter? I am confused.

“Can I do the n!-pple clamps?” a timid voice asks. I hear your voice. You give him permission and I soon feel hands working on my br3-@sta, attaching a pair of clamps to my n!-pples. I give an involuntary m0@n as pleasure was through me. I hear you chuckle.

This is apparently the invitation needed as there are suddenly hands running all over my body, some warm, some cold. My t!ts are softly stroked, the clamps are gently tugged and everything is done with a certain sort of timidness.

I hear the buzz of a vibra-t0r. I felt the tip on my belly. I let out a squeak of protest but you say gruffly, “stay quiet. Be a good girl. Show them you want it.”

I buck my h!ps toward the sound, hungry for the feeling on my sensitive cl!t. In a wave of relief and passion, the vibe is placed against my cl!t and someone’s fingers enter my pv-$$y, feeling around experimentally. They push against my Ge-sp0t, and a tongue is suddenly on my t!ts. I gasp and feel an org-@sm coming on, but I know to wait. They start finger fv-cck!ng me, hard, trying to get me to cu-mm.

“Cu-mm. Cu-mm for them!” I hear you say, an edge to your voice.

I explode, shaking and writhing and pulling at the bonds. My body shakes and because the stimulation is still there, another org-@sm rolls over me. I scream at the pleasure, hands all over. Apparently, your friends are getting into the fun. The vibe is taken away, and I slump in my restraints. My body quivers as the aftershocks of org-@sm pulse through me. There are still fingers in my pv-$$y, and someone was sv-cck!ng on my cl!t, l!-cck!ng my wet pv-$$y.

The n!-pple clamps come off and I feel fingers on my n!-pples, pinching and sv-cck!ng. I thrash my head from side to side. I am overwhelmed with all the fillings. Fingers , thumbs and vibra-t0r are fv-cck!ng my open cu-nt. Someone is even finger-!ng my a$$-h0le. It is heavenly and magical. I cannot hear your voice but I know you are there, watching, enjoying the view of me being taken. I lose count of my org-@sm. I begin to cry out as the waves were making me dizzy.

Finally, they begin to wind down and I can vaguely hear them leaving. I feel pressure on the bed where I lay and a d!-cck entering me. It’s you and you are fv-cck!ng me. Your d!-cck is giving me a pleasure like none I experienced earlier. You fv-cck me until you cu-mm and again, I cu-mm with you.

Afterwards, you lean forward and take off my blindfolds. It takes a while for my vision to clear and I look around. We are alone. I do not know how many people were here or who they were.

“You did good, BabyGirl,” you say, then you k!$$ me.


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