True Life Story: I Helped My Ex Boyfriend Out Of Pity But He Is Trying To Mess Me Up – 2

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Chuks thinks I still love him. That was why I was jealous he was with my husband’s cousin. Chuks thinks I helped him get a job cos I still love him. He said if I was still with him, he would have been successful like my husband and he would have been the father of my son.

With all the speed I could muster, I ran out of his house. Chuks broke up with the cousin cos he promised not to expose us. But now that I know that he still has feelings for me is seriously putting me on the edge. I feel like I am playing with fire.

I cannot tell anyone this but I have not stopped thinking of that kiss we had back in Chuk’s house last week. I swear, I never thought about him since we broke up years ago. I only helped him get a job cos of all the good things he did for me and my family when we were dating many years ago. Now, those feelings are messing with my head…

To make matters worse, when we got back to Lagos, my husband’s driver came down with covid so the company had to send another driver to replace him for the time being. Guess who they sent? They sent Chuks….my ex!!!…I forgot Chuks is head driver and he could have posted any other driver but he decided to post himself…I am dead…Chuks resumes everyday to my house since the 26th and I am having a hard time being myself…

This guy wants to ruin me…maybe he is looking for another opportunity to k!$$ me cos he’s always watching me when no one else is. His eyes looking so hungry with lust… Maybe I should tell the manager to fire him? Please…for the sake of my marriage and my sanity? I called his sister yesterday to talk to him to stop whatever he is planning and his sister said I have to be very careful, that her brother  has never gotten over me….that she will try to talk to him but she knows no one can change his mind.

Now, I guess I have no choice but to fire him right? As if he knew what I was thinking, he called me yesterday evening…that I should not make him loose his job or my husband will find out who he really is. That he will tell my husband and his cousin why he broke up with her, because I forced him to because I am still in love with him…That he will make sure my husband finds out that he is still in love with me and that I am very much aware. That how  will I explain why I was at his house last week in the village.

Chuks hung up on me before I could say anything. So, I finally realized Chuks game plan: To get me back … and I stupidly fell into his trap…how do I get rid of him without my husband knowing? Who would believe me when they find out I gave my ex boyfriend a job?

Oh my God…maybe I should allow him marry my husband’s cousin so he can take his attention off me? Should I offer him money to bribe him? Should I tell my brother to ‘talk’ to him? I pray that does not make things worse cos my brother can be violent.

Or should I take my chances and tell my husband myself? I must confess,….that is the scariest option cos I do not know how my husband will react…he may never trust me again…he may even believe Chuks that I still have feelings for him….Chuks is such an attractive guy.

Even my husband said so. He was teasing him the other day: asking him why he yet to be married cos he knows girls will be falling all over him …Chuks just smiled and said he is waiting for the right woman…that he has only loved one woman all his life and since the woman left him, his life has never been the same. I am dead, I am finished and I need help fast. What do I do please?


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