True Life Story: My Husband Is Living With Another Woman-What Should I Do? 2

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My people sent message to his people that they should be aware that the marriage between me and their son is over, next thing, my husband came and started to beg, that I should give him some time. That he is with that woman so he can take care of us. That he knows he has wronged me but he has struggled all his life yet he has not made it in life. That him being with this woman in a relationship is just friends with benefits…she just want a man by her side.

I told my husband that I cannot do this kind of marriage where he is living with another woman while I am hiding in the village. He said I should give him some time. That before the end of the year, he will have enough money to bring us back to Lagos.

Then, this last December, my childhood friend called me, that her elder brother who lives in South Africa lost his wife for over two years is looking for a wife. That she wants me to marry him. The man came to see me and my parents On Christmas day and gave us alot of gifts and money. This man is seriously interested in me. He wants us to marry before Easter this year.

Ma, I want to be happy and live a better life. Even though I don’t know much about this man but he seems like he can provide the kind of life that me and my children deserve. He has one son from his late wife. My only issue is that, there are rumors that the man’s source of wealth is not genuine. He told me he is into importation of goods.

We discussed 3 days ago, that I should divorce my husband so his family can come and do the marriage rites for us to begin the marriage before March this new year. I asked why the rush, he says he wants to marry a good woman who will take care of his son and his home, that if I am not interested, he will move on to someone who is ready immediately.

I have an opportunity to marry a man who has money to take care of me but I wish there was no rush. Do you think I should accept his proposal (I do not want to miss an opportunity to end this suffering) Or should I wait for my husband’s to fulfill his promise of bringing us back before the end of the year? Maybe things will be better then, who knows? Which option do you think is better for me?


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