Both Married, I Met My Ex 10 Years After, The Unexpected Happened II

But I managed to free my self from his sensual grip and left his room. I didn’t see him till he left.Less than two months later, I had an official assignment in Abuja. I informed him. He arranged hotel accommodation for me as usual. Again, he was nice and naughty.

He took me out for dinner and pampered me with everything, not knowing that he was preparing me for Cexual slaughter. Soon after he brought me back to the Garki hotel, he seemed determined to do more than kissing this time.

His eyes shone with passion as he tried to unbutton my black jean trousers. He must have noticed that my pants were already soaked and thighs soiled with fluids. Indeed, I was overwhelmed with lust and my head immersed in Cexual imaginations.

I wanted to feel his prancing manh00d. I stepped out of my p@nts in ultimate anticipation of his £rotic conquest. ” Turn around ” Etom whispered to my ears as he led me to the edge of the bed. “Give it to me, Becky” he said in a hush tone and I immediately pushed back my buttocks while holding the bed’s wooden frame. I m0aned loudly as Etom plugged his manh00d to my cxnt.

At first, his thrusts were speedy and furious; later tardy and tenuous as he held my waist … I felt him deep as my puvvy emitted fluids like a leaking pipe. Etom’s thrusts didn’t last long. It ended with a tinge of disappointment as he poured while I still expected more pounding.

He left me hanging with increased cravings but he didn’t notice as he reached for his car keys and gave me a goodbye kiss. For me, it was a regrettable romp, a senseless romantic Odyssey. I returned to Lagos a day after the escapades and reminisced on my date with Etom. Guess what? Guilt filled my heart and disappointment dotted my thoughts.

Why did I do this? Etom and I have known each other for more than 15 years. I had resisted his amorous advances. Why did I succumb this time? I still haven’t found answers to many questions that have been flying in my head since I realised my folly.


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