My Mechanic Hammered Me  In My Room But I Don’t Care

There is nothing good as meeting a guy who knows his onion in bed, knows all the right spot to milk the cow. My name is Tracy, I am 25, am resident in Ikoyi. In my eventful life I have had my fair share of men. I have only seen few with very good sizeable ‘tool’ that knows how to plough my farm very well, still trying to balance on size of d!-cck and being skillful in bed.

If you are looking for good s^x, I can authoritatively tell you that you won’t see it in these suit and tie knotting fellows who feed on junks which in turn fizzles out all their mannliness away. Whoever thought I would find my ‘Hammer’ in Osahon? Hammer was the word I and my girls back at the university coined to mean a guy that’s good in bed. Not just putting his d!-cck in your cunt and then hump for five minutes and then he is done. Am talking about an arrogant fellow in bed, places you at the center of the bed and pummel your pv-$$y so hard that you think your gonna die but yet you need more of his c0-cck like oxygen.

Osahon was never the guy I had envisioned would be my hammer for so many reasons. First he was my mechanic, and he had this ‘bulky’ look that made him more of a turn off for me. It was on a friday, my car had broken down while on my way for lunch, I called him to come salvage the situation. Standing under the scorching sun and taking some few advances from men, it is a game I enjoy. Osahon came, took the car keys and then walked to the drivers side as the stench of grease that was all over him created a ‘right of passage’. He hopped into my car, fiddled with the ignition for a while and then walked to where I was standing helplessly and said

“Madam you go wait make I check you valve plate and brake pad, be like say na wetin dey give dis ur fine jeep wahala”

I shrugged, he knelt down and then slowly dragged his body under the car to check what was faulty, and then I saw something. The coveralls he was wearing was torn at his groin region as his d!-cck was left out on the open. From where I was standing, I was certain I was the only one seeing it. His fat long d!-cck, almost like a mini pole dangled freely while his scrotum that is the size of a garden egg caught my attention. I have never seen a guy so richly endowed like this. If his d!-cck was flaccid and this huge, then getting it up would for sure create a monster!.

My thoughts were cowed by the emerging imaginations of what that c0-cck would do to me that I did not realize he was now in front of me holding my keys, until he gave me a gentle nudge with “madam see your key” that he said. My rest of the day was useless at the bank where I work. I used the internet to google about huge d!-ccks in porns, my pant was soaked as the sheer thoughts made me wet. As I drove home that evening I thought of possible ways I could use to get Osahan to bed and have a feel of his d!-cck.

I hatched a plan which I felt should be foul proof, the moment I got home, to ease of the tension in my thighs, I got out dildo and vibrator, watching my favourite lex steele porn I masturbated so hard until I had my pussy pulsating as my cum drooled out. Then I took my phone and dialled Osahon’s number, his voice came alive from the other end

“Madam good evening, make e no be say your car don spoil dis nite, I dey with my wife we come visit me from benin” he said

“No, No, Osahon, I was promoted today at the office, I don’t have any friend here in lagos except you but your mind is around no need to bug you” I replied

Then he said

“Eyaah!, sorry madam, I wish I for fit come”

I dropped the call as I was filled with rage and jealousy, he is a married man but yet I wanted a feel of his c0-cck, at least borrow his c0-cck for a night. I wore my nightie, rubbed my facial treatment medication and laid down on my bed angrily, waiting on sleep to come snatch me away from the harrowing reality I was facing. I had taken few nods in jeopardy as sleep tried to swirl my head when I heard a knock on the door. I felt my ears were pulling a fast one on me at first but when listened with keen attention, then I was certain its a knock, I opened my door to see Osahon standing right there before me!. Never knew christmas could come to june. He had blood dripping from his right hand

”Osahon what happened to you?”

He gave a long glance before breaking the silence

“Na my stupid wife o, she say me and you dey friend because you call me for nite, we begin fight na so she stab me” he replied

I helped him into my house, took him to the bathroom where my first aid box was hung on the wall and then pulled his shirt off as I helped to dress his wound, I was thrilled by the sight of his well chiselled chest that looked like a body-builder, I wished he could lift me up and just nail me to the bed, my thoughts be clouded my actions as my other hand that was free went straight his chest and caressed it, he didn’t say I word so I decided to dare further so I took my hands to his nipples and then twitched it a little, it was then he raise up his head and smiled saying

“Madam you get luck say I don marry if not dis thing you dey find na heavy gbese”

I smiled at him as I looked him, caressed his beards, threw the cotton wool I was using to dress his wound, knelt down before him as he stared at my with surprise brimming on his face, and then I took my mouth to his left n^pple and l^cked it with my tongue. The wave of pleasure that ran through his spine made him giggle foolishly

“Madam, na my button you dey play with like this o”

I then took it upon myself to pull the ‘button’ out if it was his n^pple that would make me have a taste of his weapon, I was willing to take the risk. I used my tongue to circle his left n^pple while my right hand played with his n^pple, I slowly used my free right hand to caress his chest and then took my hand down to his groin and squeezed his d!-cck that was semi erect on, he shook his head in sheer ecstacy as he slowly pushed my head away and then stood up and then hurriedly began to pull his trouser off, I stood there as I watched with admiration when he unveiled one of the finest piece of art I have ever seen, a d!-cck the size of the popular insecticide thin used for killing mosquitoes and then began to rub the ‘shaft’ with his right hand, I grabbed him by the left hand and lead him to my room, raised my night gown up as my gaping Pv-$$y that was already wet stared at him pulsating, he smiled to himself. In my head I imagine he would bewildered that he was fu^cking a lady of my class, but I cared less. He joined me in bed as I directed his head to my pv-$$y to give me a very good cunnilingus but he shoved my hand off his head and gave me a stern look

“Madam wait o, na this thing dem do for blue film you want make I do? Make me use my tongue l^ck woman toto? Osanobuwa! I no fit try am madam” he screamed

I wanted the ‘full package’ that comes with such kind of c0-cck so I decided to set a bait with a reward of cash

“Don’t worry I’ll give you 10K, if you su-cck me well” I said

Osahon repairs my car for three thousand naira, ten thousand naira was enough money for having fun, he obliged instantly as he spread my legs apart, staring at it as if a bowl of his favourite meal was served before him.


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