I  Called My Husband A One Minute Man Out Of Anger, He Refuse To Touch Me Again – Please Advice

I only was trying to help my husband. I did not mean any harm or disrespect.  We started having issues with our s3x life 3 years ago. Its not as if my husband was a s3x machine but he was not doing badly with s3xual performance either.

However, three years ago, his libido seemed to drop significantly. I didn’t complain initially but when I started suspecting maybe he was seeing another woman and so didn’t have enough stamina, I became really worried.

I told him several times that I was not happy that his performance was dropping but instead of him to do something about it, he lost interest completely in having s3x with me.

There is nothing I did not try. I tried dressing s3xy…I got role play costumes and lingerie…none worked. I begged him, tried to seduce him. Nothing. I cried and begged him some more…nothing changed. My husband said he does not know why his interest is declining but the more he tried to make an effort, the more he could not develop an €rection.

We began to suspect it was spiritual, we fasted and prayed about it. My husband would climb on me and have no erection. I cried and cried. So, from suggestions from s3x experts, we began to explore other ways of achieving s3xual pleasures.

I m@sturbated in my private times, my husband used his fingers sometimes and even though its been frustrating but we also have somehow gotten used to this new routine.

Until someone sent me a list of s3xual enhancement products for men that some company was marketing. I reluctantly bought some of the products but I never intended for my husband to use them because, in the past, he tried some medication that has not worked so we go tired and decided to stop.

The products were kept in my car, I never bothered to bring them to the house. But my husband used my car the other day to visit his friend, he picked up the friend and the friend saw the product and started asking him questions.

The questions made my husband uncomfortable and when he returned he said some words that angered me. He said his friend saw it and thought he was using enhancers and that the friend was kinda mocking him.

I started to apologize to him but he went too extreme saying I am doing too much all in the name of getting s3xual pleasure, that I am behaving like a s3x add*ct. Those words angered me and I insulted him back.



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