I Cheated On My Fiancée With My MD Because Of Job, Now I’m Pregnant

I am in a dilemma. I love my fiancé so much but I have betrayed him and he has no idea. The guilt of what I have done is killing me. My boyfriend and I have been together for three years.

In 2020, he lost his job and things have been really tough for him. We had planned to get married in December 2021 but his financial challenges was what made us move it to Easter in 2022.

Last year, I got a placement to do my youth service as a Front Desk Officer in a construction company. Two months later, during my birthday, my birthday was celebrated in the office when the HR bought cake and everyone celebrated me.

That made my MD to notice me. He later called my extension line and asked me to see him. When I got to his office, he handed me an envelope that contained dollars. He said it was for my birthday.

I knelt down to beg him and he said he wants to make sure I get what I deserve if I play my card well. I was still wondering but he make it clear.

He said he noticed I am a very intelligent girl and he wants to reward me but there is no vacancy in the company, but if I work as his special assistant, he can add some allowances to me and later retain me in the company after my NYSC.

This was my dream, to get a job after service because everyone knows how hard it is to get a job after service in this country. I quickly agreed and he said, anytime he has something for me to do, he will call me. I said ok.

Excitedly, I called my fiancé and told him. He was happy cos he also thought I was getting noticed and rewarded for my contribution.

The next day, around 4.30, the MD called me and asked me to wait after work, that he has some work for me to do. He said he would make sure his driver drops me after incase its difficult for me to get transport.

Around 5.45pm, the MD called me again to come to his office. He said I should not come with my phone.

On getting to the MD’s office, he locked the door and asked me to sit close to him. He then began to touch my brevsts, I began to withdraw but he told me to relax. That he just wants me to help him in some personal areas and he will give me all the money I need.

I told him I was not interested if what the special assistant job is for me to be messing with him. He then said, well, if you refuse, you may not have get retained after your service anymore.

I got scared and started begging him cos I needed the job. He then brought out his p*nis asking me to suck it. I did not know why I was so scared but I did it. He then went ahead to have s3x with me in his office.

The amount of money he gave me after was $300. That is how, I started having s3x with the MD. The s3x was in his office, his car, sometimes in the hotel. I began to long for him cos he was f*cking better than my fiancé. I lost my senses in the process.



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