The Employee I Had A S-x Fling With Is Doing The Same With My Husband’s Sister

I am a 45 year old woman, married for 19 years. My marriage has not been without challenges, in fact, there has been many challenges. I had a mid life crises last year and it resulted in a short fling with a young employee.

About five years ago, I decided to turn my life around because my children were now grown, my husband no longer finds me attractive because I was fat from having children and I was a full time house wife for 10 years.

So, I trained and opened a beauty Centre (hair styling, make up, body cream,nails,unis3x barbing salon and a gym). My business was very successful under 2 years.

Then I decided to get my body done. I had a BBL and tummy tuck. My body became banging. I became very attractive and my self confidence was restored. To keep in shapes, I worked out alot in the gym. Being desired again, was exciting for me. I mistakenly had s3x with one of my gym trainers (lets call him CY).

I mean, he is young and dangerous feeling that a young man is attracted to me, made me loose my senses. It was a short fling for like two and a half months but we did some really dangerous things like taping our s3x sometimes. I was always horny and this guy was turning my head like crazy.

I thought I was going to hell fire straight for the things we did.

Thank God, God saved my life. My husband began to desire me again. He wanted us to work on our marriage and things began to change.  I had to end the affair with the gym guy. We talked, I apologized if I led him on.

I wanted to give him money to move on so it wont be awkward working together after the affair but he promised me it was ok that I have nothing to fear cos for him, its just for fun and money cos he is a young hustling guy. That happened early last year.

Things gradually began to get normal for me. I hardly even saw CY cos I got a gym manager to manage the gym and I hardly went there again, so we wouldn’t see each other. After her youth service, my husband’s younger sister, Laila moved in with us.

Laila decided to work in my beauty Centre while she was scouting for a job.

Laila is also a fitness enthusiastic and she fit right into the business. The gym manager suddenly got another job so I had to  ask Laila to assume the manager position since she already knew the business well.

One day, I wanted to make my rounds like I usually do from time to time, to take stock of the business and make sure everything my workers record is true, I came into the gym knowing it would be scanty cos at that time, most people would not be in the gym. It was middle of the day,  the gym is usually full in the morning and evenings majorly.

So, that day, I went straight to the manager’s office to call Laila and as I walked into her office, Laila f*cking CY.

They were so engrossed that they didn’t even notice someone walked in on them. When they finally did, I excused myself. Of course, Laila later ran after me, apologizing and begging me. I was mad at her cos she was f*cking inside the office with an employee and that behaviour should not be tolerated.

She promised me it wouldn’t happen again so I forgave her. Deep within me, I was more scared that Laila hooking up with CY, someone I also f*cked would be bad if it ever came out. I was very anxious. CY is a fine boy, with ribbed muscles, its easy for girls to fall over him. I called CY and cautioned him, that his actions could expose us. 

CY told me he really like Laila and that he wants to have a relationship with her. That made me very afraid and I thought of firing him, infact, I threatened him.



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