The Employee I Had A S-x Fling With Is Doing The Same With My Husband’s Sister II


This stupid guy then said if I fired him, he would tell Laila about us. I was like, no one would believe him cos it would be his word against mine and he said people would believe when eh shows them the s3x tape. My god…I forgot about that…with CY, I used to make s3x tapes when we f*cked so I could masturbate to them later. But I always deleted the videos.

I only keep one or two which I have carefully protected with heavy password. So, now, maybe CY has a video that we didn’t delete, I do not know for sure. I told him that blackmail would not work cos I would arrest him if he did it. CY assured me that no one would see the videos if I do not stand in his way to get Laila. I had to give them my blessings.

They made their relationship public but the problem now is, CY now sometimes spends the night with Laila in our house and the thought of them  f*cking is driving me crazy. So, crazy that the I masturbate at the thought of CY and Laila having s3x.  CY is trying to tempt me, to seduce me again. I have caught him looking at me lustfully when no was was looking. Its like I am no longer free in my house anytime he is around.

This boy knows I use the gym in my house and he managed to find himself in the gym just about the time I was doing my workout in the house. As I tried to leave, he smacked my bum. I felt like strangling him for doing that cos it has become clear what his game is. So, I had to tell Laila to stop allowing CY spend the night in our house.

The stupid girl reported me to my husband, asking him to help her get an apartment because I am making things difficult for her because I do not like her boyfriend. My husband had the nerve to ask me to stop behaving as if I am jealous because the youngsters are enjoying themselves. That the CY boy looks responsible, so I should leave them alone. If only they knew how dangerous this boy is.

S3x with this boy is so good, he is well endowed and a beast in these things, Laila too has lost her mind. I pray she is not making s3x tapes with him too. Now, I am being careful because I think my reaction to this whole situation might start making people suspicious. But its like I am walking on egg shells. I am jumpy, nervous and scared, all the time.

I really feel so afraid that something might happen and everything will be exposed with this guy hanging out Laila and around our house. I only wish I can get the video evidence from CY….that would really put my heart to rest, just in case anything happens, there will be no evidence. How do I get that video out of CY so that I can fire him? I know I messed up but I am trying not to mess up again so please help me. Any suggestions please?


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