The Man I Called Fiancée Is Married With Kids Abroad,His BF In Love With Me II

That was how we broke up. Dare kept apologizing, saying it does not matter if he is married or not because he is in love with me and will marry me in 2022 as his Nigerian wife. I was not interested in that offer, so I pulled the plug on the relationship. I was heartbroken. Imagine finding out that the guys you have been vibing with for the last 4 months is married?!!! Everyone that knew us together felt so disappointed by Dare.

And I had the worst Christmas because the break up happened in December. Timi however never stop shooting his shots at me. He told me Dare was no longer speaking to him cos he was the one who revealed his secret to me. To be honest, even though  broke up with Dare, I miss him everyday. I was still hurting. I hung out with Timi and maybe it was the pain I was feeling, I slept with Timi in the new year. But I refused to date him.

Two week later, Dare came to my place, saying he wanted to apologize and find closure.  I  could not fight him off…I still have feelings for him. And he too cannot help himself. We made love. That made me feel so terrible….I cannot control myself around Dare knowing he is a married man. I wanted to hurt him, so I told him to never contact me again .

But if I am being honest, I have never stopped thinking of Dare. Its like its eating me up thinking of him…missing him. I need advise because I am getting weaker in my feelings for Dare. I hate myself for falling in love with a married man. I need to cut off from him, his hold over me. As valentine is drawing close, I am feeling so alone, having lost the love of my life.

I have no guy in my life and  I do not want to keep feeling this way Some of my girlfriends are advising that I should focus my attention on Timi who is still begging me to give him a chance? But some others feel Timi cannot be trusted because he broke the bro-code with his best friend. I know being with Timi will hurt Dare so much …which is why I am beginning to ask: why is Timi so obsessed with me? Why did he expose his friend’s marriage to me…I almost resent Timi for exposing Dare.

Ignorance is bliss…maybe he is jealous of Dare and would like to take away someone that he cares about from him. I am confused now…do you think Timi truly loves me for me or he just wants to make his former friend mad? Will it be wrong if I date Timi?  if I am with Timi, maybe then can stop me from thinking of  Dare…please advise me.


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