The Man I Called Fiancée Is Married With Kids Abroad,His BF In Love With Me

I met this guy last year around September. Lets call him Dare (not real name). He told me he was looking for a relationship that would potentially lead to marriage. That was music to my ears because, at 28 years old, I do not want to be in a relationship with no goal in sight.

This relationship has been the best ever since I have been dating in my adult life. Dare is a perfect gentleman, he makes me laugh, my mother loves him like her son, my only other sibling also adores him. He is very respectful too. We could talk for hours when we are on the phone and once its weekend, he either comes over to my place or me to his place.

Timi is Dare’s friend and we hang out alot with him at the club or just chilling at home. Timi and I are very cool cos he is my boyfriend’s very close friend. Timi used to even tease Dare to hurry and marry me before he snatches me away from him. We were all cool friends all the same.

And then something happened in December. Timi had come over to Dare’s place after we all hung out together at the club. Dare was flat out drunk…me and Timi had to help him on is feet home. Soon as we got home, Dare went into deep sleep. I went and took a shower.

As I got out of the shower, I noticed my phone was buzzing with calls. I wondered who was calling me at that late hour.

When I picked up the phone, it was Timi. He was in the guest room, so I called him back wondering what he wanted from me. Timi answered the phone, said he wanted to ask if Dare was fine, I said yes…he is fine..he then asked me to come and get Dare’s token which fell out of his pocket when we were helping him up. I said ok.

I was expecting Timi to come out to the living room but he didnt. So, I went to the guest room, I knocked and he asked me to get in. Timi gave me the token but asked me to sit a while, that he wanted to tell me something.

He started by saying sorry if he went out of line but he likes me alot and that he is sure he is in love with me, that is why he cannot keep quiet anymore.

What he was saying was sounding very strange to me…like what do you mean by you love me? Timi said he realized that I was a very good person, who treats his friend very well but his friend has not been treating me well. He said, he told his friend to tell me the truth but Dare refused. What truth? He said: Dare is married. His wife lives in the UK with their sons, 2 boys.

Timi showed me facebook and IG pictures and videos of Dare and his wife and their children. I just kept saying, oh no…oh no…this cant be…why…how…To me, what is this tipsy guy trying to tell me. But he told me that he wanted me to know, that I can confront Dare when he is awake.

I said ok, even though I could not process what rubbish I just heard from my boyfriend’s boyfriend…but as I got up to go, he repeated this: Tolu, I am also hopelessly in love with you and I want to treat you better than my friend is treating you.

This made me turn towards the door quickly. I told him no…I have to get out of your room and I did. I went straight to Dare’s room and locked the door. I could barely sleep. Dare woke up in the morning and I was ready to ask him what his friend told me. I told him, Dare….your friend Timi says you are married with family in UK. The way he looked at me, the shock in his eyes…he was like its a lie.

I showed Dare the facebook and IG page of his wife where she posts pictures of them. Dare tried to lie by saying its his sister and her children but there were many places where he was kissing the woman he could not explain. How do you even date someone, spend alot of time with them yet you have a wife and children in UK?



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