Yes I’m Married But I Can’t Let Go Of My Ex Good D! (2)


This continued for the first three years of our relationship. I encouraged Seun to seek medical help. He just wouldn’t have it, claiming that at least I do reach 0rgxsm.

The truth is I only always fake it. I had never even been close. Then, my flirts and flings with Victor recommenced.
I used the term ‘recommenced’ because Victor and I were no strangers. He was impossibly s-xy ex- boyfriend.

He was my first man who washed away my v!rginity with cascades of s-x styles and sensuous rides. Victor was a ladies’ man. We had broken up over his infidelity issues. And I had moved on to a couple of other guys before Seun finally came through.

Victor and I continued our WhatsApp chats. Before I knew it, he began to evoke old memories with steamy texts messages and pictures. At some point, he even sent p-rn videos which usually turned me on beyond measure

“What! Stop sending s-x videos, Victor”, My remonstration was faint and hollow

Soon, I finally gave in to his persuasion to visit, on the condition that he was going to respect my marital status. Secretly, I knew it was a fluke. My marriage was not helping my s×_xual satisfaction. And with Victor, I could get something masterly, on a platter.

The first date was about talks, flirts and s_x. From drinks, we got tipsy, and got flimsy with our conversations. Before I knew it, Victor and I were kissing rapidly. He lifted me off the settee and took me straight to his room. Although the same house he lived back then, a lot had changed about the furniture; new settee, rugs, chandelier and cutlery.

He was always the very neat Victor with a propensity for modernity. Though married with kid, his family lives in Canada. So, his apartment is as free as it used to be.
From kissing, my blue, short gown went off. Victor’s d”ck came on.

Victor’s long, curvy p_nis was a masterpiece. And it always set my nimble body on fire. Sensing my burning need and desire, Victor would tease me a little longer
“Do you want this buried inside you”, he teased, stroking his d-ck

“Say it loud…Victor I want this inside”



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