Yes I’m Married But I Can’t Let Go Of My Ex Good D! (3)


I just couldn’t hold it back. I pushed him on top of me. He f%cked brains out. His thrusts triggered my mo_ns and sighs in indescribable ways. We went on several rounds as his d?ck was never tired. After our first s’x date after my marriage, I confessed I thoroughly enjoyed him. I then found myself explaining my marital conundrum.

My husband was not just half as good as he is. Victor and I continued our flings. But he was just not always available. I am so sure he was just creating time for his medley of pleasure givers. I was surely not the only one. In actual sense, the only I get from him is good s”x. Nothing more. He is not as caring as my husband. But I can’t let go of his great d*ck, notwithstanding my husband’s good deeds towards me.

At a stage, Victor became evasive, practically avoiding me. He had many of us, I suspected strongly.Unfortunately, I had become used to his s&x drive, his maniacal thrusts and his monstrous manhood. I was sad but I couldn’t share my problem with anyone. Later, I also reconnected with David, the now-married pastor whom I dated after Victor. David and I found solace in each other because of our common predicament.

He claimed his wife is boring in bed and gets tired easily. Oh, the David I know deserves much more. We met all over and had s&x all through. The moments shared with David were brief compared to the unending relationship with Victor.

As soon as Victor reached out to me again, we resumed our regular dates. I love Seun. Of course, any woman would love her husband dearly. But his poor attention to my s/xual desire has created a gap I needed to fill. I have found solace in my arms of Victor who still serves me s^x as he did in the old times. Honestly, I do not see that changing in the foreseeable future.


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