Happy feet dance tutorial – Hip Hop dancing classes 

I’m going to indicate you the joyful toes dance transfer. OK? 

So from right here, we’re going to begin like this. 5, six, seven, eight. One, two, three, 4, 5, six, seven, eight. OK? 

From one other angle. We go, 5, six, seven, eight. One, two, three, 4 and 5, six, seven and eight. And joyful toes. OK? Let’s break it down. 

So this transfer as you possibly can see is a bit of bit extra athletic, so that you wish to be sure you have the essential thought first earlier than you begin placing plenty of power into it. So let’s begin with the fundamentals. 

You’re going to begin together with your toes collectively and also you’re going to suppose that you simply wish to pivot this fashion in your proper heel like this. Your toes carry off the bottom. You don’t wish to hold your toes right here. You wish to hold your toes up. Pivot. So it’s good and simple. 

On the identical time, you’re going to do the other. You’re going to maintain the toe of your left foot on the ground. Your heel goes to exit this fashion. And down. 

So in case you’re to do it on the identical time, this toe comes up. This heel goes out. It seems like this. It opens. After which it closes once more. You possibly can repeat that on the opposite aspect. Your left toe comes up. Your proper heel goes out. Up and down. 

So in case you’re to try this backwards and forwards, that’s most likely one of the simplest ways to get the texture of this transfer. Simply pivoting one and two and three and 4 and identical to that. If I used to be to face the again, from right here, and once more, like toes collectively might be the best technique to begin. You would begin like this and likewise exit. Let’s hold it fundamental to begin. 

So once more, identical pivot. My proper toe goes to go up. On the identical time, my left heel goes to go up. I’m pivoting on my toe. It comes again down. I’m going to the left aspect, right here, and down. So going backwards and forwards, 5, six, seven, eight. I pivot one and two and three and 4 and OK? I do know I ought to have saved my toes collectively. I saved them aside there however you possibly can see that it will work right here or right here. 

In order that’s the start. Now, let’s add the ahead a part of this. So we go aspect to aspect, one, two and also you’re going to hop on to your heels. Fake there’s like a chasm and also you’re working up and also you realized you don’t wish to fall into it. In order that’s sort of the look you wish to give. If I used to be going this fashion, sort of seems like this. So my physique comes a bit of bit ahead to maintain my stability after which I hop again on to my toes. 

So that you’re going to hop ahead on to your heels. You come again. You’re going to hop ahead once more in your toes and your heels come out after which again. OK? 

So going ahead, the 2 elements are heels, again, toes, again. OK? If I did the aspect to aspect and the ahead half, it’s going to seem like this. I’m going, one and two and three and 4 and OK? 

Let’s attempt it from the again, one other angle. The identical factor. 5, six, seven, we’re going to go this fashion. One and two and heels again toes again. OK? 

The final a part of this, actually easy, it’s simply going to be some arms. That means, you don’t really feel too, once more, too stiff. While you go to the aspect, identical to in case you had been sort of, I don’t know, like working this fashion. OK? So when your proper foot goes out, your proper hand goes to return up such as you’re making muscle. Left hand goes to return like this. It’s going to return again to the middle. And also you’re going to repeat on the opposite aspect. 

While you go ahead, that is the place we mentioned sort of convey your arms out such as you’re going to fall. While you convey your toes ahead, convey your arms again behind you. Type of such as you’re pushing your hips right here. Growth! Growth! OK? So placing all 4 of these collectively. Let’s begin right here. 5, six, seven eight. One, two, three, 4, 5, six, seven, eight. OK? 

From the aspect so you possibly can sort of see what my ahead motions seems like. 5, six, seven, eight. It goes one and two and three and 4, 5, six, seven, eight. OK? 

We’ll do it from the again. While you go aspect to aspect, last item, I’ll do it and you may see. You possibly can hold it easy with pivoting or in case you’re a bit of extra energetic, you possibly can hop into it. OK? It makes you a bit of bit larger and extra enjoyable to look at. However you are able to do it both means. 

From the again, we’re going to go aspect, aspect, ahead, toes. 5, six, seven, eight. We go one, two, heels, toes, 5, six, seven, eight. And that’s the joyful toes.