I Made Love With My Mother in Law With The Knowledge Of My Wife – 2

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His mother in law was standing at the top of the stairs. She was wearing red lipstick and dark eye shadow and her black hair cascaded in soft waves over her shoulders. Alyssa was clad in a sheer black lace baby doll that was loosely secured by a large bow between her bountiful br3@sts, before cascaded over a soft tummy and ended just below her heart shaped b..tt. She wore sheer black panties that did nothing to hide the shadow of her full pub!c triangle. Her long legs were encased in back thigh hi stockings and black heels covered her feet. Aaron could see the stiff buds of her n!-pples tenting the thin fabric of her baby doll. He took a depth breath and blinked, but he knew it wasn’t a dream because his heart was pounding too hard.

“Do you like this outfit?” Alyssa asked innocently as if she was modelling a new dress.

“Ahm, it’s very nice. I’m sure Tom will love it.”

“It’s not for Tom. It’s for you honey. Do you want to come up and see it?”

“Ahm, oh my, well Alyssa, ahm, oh my. I don’t think…Vicki…you know…” he managed to stutter.

“It’s okay honey” she cooed as she extended her hand for him to come up the stairs to her “She already knows. In fact it was her idea.”

“She what… Her idea?” Aaron sputtered as he tried to imagine that conversation between mother and daughter and processed what was going on.

Still not really comprehending, Aaron took her hand, and she led him up the stairs. When he was close enough Alyssa threw her arms around him and k—!ssed him softly but passionately. Aaron was still thinking about this being Vicki’s idea but his thoughts trailed off as he felt Alyssa’s soft lips against his, felt her darting tongue as she explored his lips and mouth, her hands on his back. He in turn savoured the feel of the soft face on her smooth skin, the softness of her hair, the smell of the perfume.

Finally they broke the k..!ss and Alyssa looked at him pleadingly, almost tearfully.

“Please let me do this for you honey. Vicki asked me months ago to do this because she was terrified you would find someone else and have an affair. She said it didn’t feel like cheating if you were with me. Do you remember that terrible fight we had where we didn’t talk for a month?”

Aaron nodded. It had been so hard on Vicki, much more so than any other time she fought with her mother. Now he understood why.

“I said some terrible things to her, and called her some horrible names that I will always regret. All because she wanted to make sure you were happy. And when I saw you today, something broke inside of me. I called up Vicki and told her that I would do it, that I would take care of you. Will you let me do this for you? Please?” she asked in a pleading tone that was turning Aaron’s insides into jello.

“Where’s Tom?” Aaron asked shakily

“He’s out of town on business tonight, so it’s just us.” she whispered as Aaron’s last escape and last obstacle disappeared. Am i really doing this, he asked himself. Yes you are, came the answering reply from his pants. Alyssa held out her hand again. Aaron hesitated before he took his mother in law’s hand and followed her through the house to a spare bedroom.

Aaron was entranced at the scene before him. The room was lit by flickering light of dozens of candles, sweetly scented from incense and filled with soft music. It was a perfectly romantic retreat. Aaron thought he would have been happy with his mother in law giving him a bl0w-j0b the back seat of his car but he was thrilled Alyssa had gone to such lengths to make him happy.

Alyssa looked almost embarrassed. “I didn’t know how this would go, so I wanted to put you at ease. I wanted you to be happy. Even if you wanted to just sit and talk, that would be okay.”

She regretted saying that immediately because she wanted to do more than spent the night talking. She was doing this for Vicki of course but she was also doing this for herself because she had wanted this for a very long time. She was ashamed of that and would never consider hurting her daughter by having an affair with her husband. Please k..!$$ me she thought, as she willed Aaron to k..!$$ her

“I am.” he said as he bent and k..!$$ed his mother in law gently on the lips. They k..!$$ed for a few minutes as their hands roamed each other’s bodies. Alyssa m0-@ned into his mouth as she felt his hard c..0kkc through his pants.

“This is all about you tonight honey. You’re going to relax, and I hope you are totally satisfied. And” she added s3-duct!vely “I’m going to coax every last drop of c..um out of that hard c..0kkc  of yours.”

Aaron was shocked to hear his normally demure mother in law talk like.

“But first, would you like a massage? I know you are really tense and I want you to be totally relaxed.”

That sounded like a great idea to Aaron and he undressed in a flash, his c..0kk standing straight at attention.

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