I Made Love With My Mother in Law With The Knowledge Of My Wife

“Good night Aaron, I love you.”

“I love you too darling” Aaron replied as she shut the door to the bedroom he shared with his wife Vicki. He waited until he was going down the stairs before he sighed loudly. It was only 8 o’clock but Vicki had collapsed into bed exhausted again, as she had for the past year. She wasn’t seriously ill, but just limited in what she was able to do.. Aaron was very supportive but it was stressful to keep a household in running order. It also meant that Aaron’s c3x life for the past year had consisted entirely of him and his right hand. As fun as that was, it obviously would never come close to the c3x he and Vicki enjoyed. Just thinking about some of their past escapades was enough to make him ready to burst his pants.

Aaron quickly took care of his physical need but the emotional need remained. He needed to feel his wife’s skin, feel her n—@ked body against his, feel the warm silkiness of her v@qina as he slowly thrust in and out of her as they stared into each other’s eyes. He needed that connection, that closeness and its absence was starting to affect him in his everyday life. Later he wrapped his arms around his wife’s sleeping form and tried to convince himself that that contact was enough for him. Sometimes he felt guilty because his Vicki was battling an illness, and he was concerned about c3x.

The next day at work he found himself in a deep funk after an unusually difficult night. He was snappy, forgetful and generally a mess. The one bright spot was his mother in law, Alyssa who worked in the same building. He never missed an opportunity to go and visit her. She was a lovely woman, always bright and cheerful, which was a complete contrast to the increasing gloom surrounding Aaron.

Instead of their normal banter, Alyssa got right to the point.

“Are you okay Aaron?”

Aaron just looked at the ground and mumbled. “Yes”

“No you’re not. You look like a mess. Please will you tell me what’s wrong?” she asked imploringly.

Aaron sighed, thought “what the hell”, and soon found himself pouring out the stress of the past year.

“What can I do for you? You know I will do anything for you or Vicki.”

Not anything, flashed Aaron’s mind, you won’t give me the blow I need. He felt a tinge of shame because he had been attracted to his mother in law for a long time, and increasingly he found she was the object of his ma$tvrbation fantasies.

“No Alyssa, you can’t help me with this.”

“I can always try if you just tell me what it is. I promise you will feel better if you do”

Aaron just stood, silent and uncomfortable until Alyssa’s face flashed surprise as she understood what he was talking about.

“Oh, yes, well, no of course I can’t help you with that.” she said quickly as she blushed.

Despite the awkward conclusion to their conversation Aaron slipped away feeling a little bit buoyed by their conversation. It felt good to get some that off his chest. At the same time he was starting to feel a bit guilty about lusting over his wife’s mother.

The rest of the day was fairly uneventful until he got home and Vicki called out to him.

“Honey, mom called and she said that she needs you to come over tonight.”

“Oh, what does she need me to do?”

“I dunno. She didn’t say. She just wants you to come over around 8.”

Aaron drove to Alyssa’s wondering what was going on. Her husband Tom could take care of most things, so what did she need him for? She hadn’t even told him to bring tools.

“Hi Alyssa, I’m here” Aaron called as he stepped in and turned to close the door behind him.

“I’m glad you’re here honey.” Alyssa said softly as he locked the door.

Aaron turned to face the stairs and at the top found a vision waiting for him that he had never imagined he would ever see.

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