Out Of Childlessness,My Wife Planned With Her Twin To Seduce And Bear Child For Me – 2

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I almost went all the way before I caught myself and ran out of the house.

From where I was, I called my wife and told her to return immediately. I told her I would not go to the house until she returns. Two days later, my wife called me that she was back at home. I got home and knelt down on my knees to beg her forgiveness. I told her how her sister almost made me cheat on her and that I wanted her sister to leave before our marriage is destroyed.

My wife was silent and she later said, honey, my twin sister can help us with a baby if we cooperate. I asked what she meant by cooperating? She said, she asked her sister to be her surrogate mother to help carry our baby and the sister agreed since her sis is yet to be married at age 38. So, clearly, this was all planned.

I felt betrayed by my wife. I asked her why she is so desperate to have a baby by all means. So, I must get her sister pregnant, ….can you beat that? I knew there was no way I was going to agree with this. My wife got angry and said this is the only way, that she cannot do surrogacy with a stranger but why do I have to sleep with your own sister? She said because her sister is the only one she feels comfortable with.

Haa…my wife and the mother began to explain how people in the bible gave sisters to one husband for marriage and for child bearing purposes. My wife again accused me of not interested in making her happy cos I already have a child. I am confused. I started thinking that since it was my wife who offered her sister….maybe its not so wrong afterall?

When I probed further, my wife broke down and started crying….she said another prayer house revealed that she can never have a child because she slept with her twin sister’s boyfriend back in school. Got pregnant for him and aborted the baby because her parents found out and told her then that twin sister came out of the belly before her, so she was not supposed to marry or have a baby before the twin sister just like in the case of Leah and Rebecca in the bible.

That the revelation came in her former marriage but she did not believe it then but now, another prophet has said the same thing. That only if her twin sister gets pregnant before her, that is only when she can get pregnant and have her own children. Do you believe in such revelation? Why did she not tell me all these before we got married. My wife has been crying and begging me to agree and cover her shame of being married twice and still childless.

Now, my problem is, why must I be the one to get the sister pregnant? The twin sister is not married and has no boyfriend. So, how long will my wife wait for her sister to get married and have a baby before she can have hers? My wife said she told her sister of the predicament…the the sister is ok with the plan to save their family from shame.

That idea seemed ok by my wife and her mother (their mother is begging me everyday, because everyone is saying she is cursed, that her daughters have not being able to give her grandchildren) and that is why, they sent the sister to come and s3dvce me cos they did not know how to tell me.

Please advice me…should I agree to what my wife is saying? Should I sleep with her twin sister, get her pregnant so that my own wife too can get pregnant? I was very angry that they did not tell me this instead tried to make me feel bad for almost sleeping with the sister thinking I was cheating.

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