Out Of Childlessness,My Wife Planned With Her Twin To Seduce And Bear Child For Me 

I have been married for the last 7 years. My marriage is something I hold very dearly but I think I need a divorce. My story is long but I will try and summarize. I met my wife after she separated from her husband after 5 years of marriage with no children. I have a son from a previous relationship . My wife told me she and her ex separated because of domestic violence but I later found out it was because of the childlessness.

Going into this marriage, I was not bothered about having a child or not cos I am someone who believes that it is God that gives children. I also had it at the back on my mind that if my wife cannot have children, then we can adopt or do surrogacy.  I am very much in my son’s life, ensuring that I raise him well.

When I met my wife, I told her about my son. That he lives with my mother and sometimes his mother. She accepted. Since we got married, we have been trying to have a child but God has not blessed us yet. I know the pressure from family and society but the pressure is more from my wife’s family.

It was around the third year of marriage. My wife’s mother started asking what was delaying. I always told them that God will do it and I am not in any form of hurry. Anytime I said that, my wife takes it to mean because I already have a child from my past relationship, that I am not making it compulsory.

Several times, I have told my wife that I want to have kids with her but she should relax cos her anxiety may be the reason that we have not been pregnant. We have done all kinds of tests….taken and still taking fertility drugs which have affected my wife…she has put on so much weight because she is on progesterone hormone boosters.

Things began to feel weird from last year. My wife and her mother started going to vigil to vigil. Prayer house to prayer house. All kinds of revelations started coming out. One revelation was that my ex cursed me for not marrying her when she got pregnant for me but my ex too did not want to get married when she got pregnant 11 years ago. It was also  revealed later that someone in my wife’s past cursed her. So, the prayers have been going on.

As for me, I told them, I will not put pressure on myself. I have prayed to God and He will answer me in his own time. But I was worried that too many prayer nights was keeping me and my wife apart. We hardly saw each other at home. Except during her ovulation period which we must make sure we have c3x throughout the ovulation period. Trust me, it became very frustrating. 

To assist in the house, my wife brought in her twin sister since she was hardly around. I started noticing, the sister would cook and serve me food. I do not eat any food not served by my wife but my wife told me to accept it since it is her own blood sister. Next, the sister started dressing sedvct!vely around me.

I thought it was my head deceiving me but after having my bath one Saturday morning, the sister was waiting for me in our bed, stark n@k3d. I was shocked. The sister asked me to relax, that her sister, my wife will not mind cos she asked her to take care of me every well, including c3xual needs. I told her I would not do it cos its cheating. I started to lock my room door when I got inside.

Knowing that I have seen her n@k3d, the sister started doing everything to make me sleep with her. She would press her bvtt0ckks on me. She would tie only towel and wrapper around her chest and once she sees me, she would let the wrapper or towel fall. It became very hard to ignore her. One day, I found myself k!$$ing her…she was svkk!ng my man-h00d…doing all kinds of crazy things.

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