6 Road Trip Apps You Should Have Before Departing 

Roadside signage and paper maps are so 2000s. Road trippers now have a bewildering selection of travel apps at their disposal to help them make the most of their spending and overall experience. The most common type of travel is road journeys, so a few well-chosen apps can make a significant impact. The hardest part, if anything, is deciding which ones to utilize! Here are some of our top recommendations, organized by category.

1. The Best Route-Planning 

RoadWarrior is good for delivery drivers and other people who need to plan routes in advance.


Have you ever wondered how delivery drivers are able to visit so many different locations in such a short period of time? It’s because they’re designing their routes to be as effective as possible using apps like RoadWarrior. However, RoadWarrior includes a ton of extra time-consuming information, such toll roads, stop lights, and school zones, unlike many other route planning tools that just consider issues like traffic. The software will generate a route that makes the most of your time after you enter all the stops you need to make for the day. The free basic edition of the program, which allows for up to eight stops along a route, is certainly plenty for roadtrippers.

  1. 2. Best App for Gas Prices

GasBuddy is one of the most popular apps for locating affordable gas.


Since current gas prices have been a disaster, travelers are understandably concerned about getting the best deals whenever they can. One of the most well-known apps for finding cheap gas, especially on lengthy road trips, is GasBuddy. Just select your starting point and destination, and you’ll see a list of all the gas stations along the way that are offering the best deals. There is a free edition and a premium option with extra features, similar to many apps. The software claims to save users up to 25 cents per gallon each time, which equates to a total of $3.1 billion in gas station discounts for all users.

  1. 3. The best app for sightseeing planning

RoadTrippers users can incorporate as many as 150 stops in their route.


The RoadTrippers app is a must-have for folks who aren’t solely concerned with travelling from point A to point B as quickly as possible. When utilizing the app’s premium edition, which costs $29.99 a year, users can plan their journey from beginning to end with as many as 150 waypoints/stops. Therefore, just add it to the schedule if you truly want to view the biggest ball of twine in the world or take another unusual diversion. The software also offers a ton of other advantages. For instance, among other features, it calculates the cost of fuel, enables RV drivers to design routes suitable for their particular vehicle, and enables users to communicate with friends who are also traveling.

  1. 4. The Best App for Last-Minute Accommodation.

If you need a last-minute reservation, check with HotelTonight.


People who travel by car frequently don’t know where they’ll be at the end of the day, so they can’t make hotel arrangements in advance. Fortunately, there are several of apps available that can assist visitors in finding inexpensive last-minute housing offers. One of the greatest ones is HotelTonight, which enables users to look for, you guessed it, hotels open tonight in a specific location. The list of available listings will populate, including the rating, images, and reviews. However, the website does advise using the app for the search because it offers extra discounts not available on the website.

5. The top game and entertainment app for families 

The Plates Family Travel app is a modern take on the license plate game.


You could certainly stream movies and music indefinitely, but sometimes it’s enjoyable to throw it back to the good old days with retro travel games. The popular license plate game has been updated with the Plates Family Travel app. Gain points by checking off license plates by state and vehicle logos as you see them on the road in the app. Additionally, there is a map function that pinpoints each license plate you spotted on your road trip. You can download this software on Apple or Android devices.

6. Best Camping App 

Road trippers who prefer to camp are likely to appreciate The Dyrt.


These days, the camping industry is flourishing. 53 percent of vacationers camped in some capacity in 2022 alone, whether in a tent, a camper, or an opulent RV. Although there are applications that focus on glamping or national/state parks particularly, The Dyrt is perhaps the most comprehensive. This app, which offers access to reviews, availability, and booking options for more than 40,000 campgrounds, will probably be useful to road trippers who prefer to camp. The pro version is available for seven days of free testing. You then pay $35.99 a year after that. 

So get moving already! To make it as easy and pleasurable as possible, just remember to download a few apps.