Keeping AirPods Clean 

Anyone who uses AirPods likes a nice podcast or playlist. We dislike the gross, sticky goo that gathers over time on these small marvels. It’s not only an aesthetic concern, either. The ear canal is at risk of infection when earwax, grime, and grease are allowed to build up on AirPods. 

Thankfully, AirPods have been around for long enough that cleaning techniques have been perfected. It also applies to the case! Apple’s instructions are applicable to both AirPods and AirPods Pro.

First, a list of what to avoid doing: 

Never run the device or submerge any of its parts in water. 

To clean AirPods, avoid using any sharp or abrasive products. 

Don’t clean the speaker mesh region with a disinfectant wipe. These can be used with caution on exterior surfaces. 

Never insert anything into the charging ports since doing so could harm the metal connections. 

Items needed for cleaning include a dry cotton swab, a soft, lint-free cloth (such as a microfiber cloth), and a bottle of rubbing alcohol, which is readily accessible at any drugstore.

Cleaning AirPods: 

The speaker meshes and microphone should be gently cleaned using the cotton swab. Although some sources advise using a toothpick or pin, Apple does not recommend this. Using a swab or other tool, carefully remove any earwax that has built up around the speaker’s edge. Don’t use a tool to pierce the speaker. That would be unfortunate. 

The remainder of the AirPod’s surface should be cleaned carefully with the towel to eliminate dust and grime.

It is vital to take extra precautions if the AirPods are contaminated with anything that could discolor or harm them (such as shampoos, perfumes, detergents, or acidic foods). Cleanse the afflicted areas, then gently wipe them with a damp clean cloth. Then use a dry cloth to dry them. 

The AirPods shouldn’t be used or put in the charging case until they are 100 percent dry. 

The silicone tips on AirPods Pro also protect the earbuds, which must also be cleaned. After removing them, thoroughly wet the tips. Use absolutely NO soap or cleaners. Dry them off with a wipe, and only reattach once they are totally dry.

Cleaning an AirPod Case: 

Once more, gently clean the charging case with a dry towel. If it really requires more power, dab the towel with a tiny bit of the isopropyl alcohol before cleaning. Alternately, use a cleaning wipe. NEVER get any liquid in the ports used for charging. 

Wait until the AirPods are completely dry before putting them in the case. 

Use a clean, dry, soft-bristled brush, such as an old toothbrush, to carefully scrub out any debris from the Lightning connector. 

This cleaning technique will become second nature after a few uses!