Steps for Factory Resetting Your iPhone 

Consider a factory reset as a fresh start that permanently deletes all of the data and settings on your iPhone. A factory reset protects your information safe whether you’re selling your iPhone, upgrading to the newest, shiniest model, or donating it. This is how you do it:

First, Back It Up! 

You should backup the data on your phone before you reset it. No matter how strongly you may have persuaded yourself that you won’t require the data you are about to delete, backing up your iPhone ought to be obvious. Start by clicking your name in the Settings app on your iPhone.

2. Lookup iCloud 

After selecting the iCloud tab, select iCloud Backup. Click Now on Back. This process ought to take some time. Note: You may configure your iCloud to automatically backup your data, and you should do so. By following these methods, you can back up data to your computer as well.

3. Streamlining 

Before you’re prepared for a factory reset, take a few additional steps. Start by logging out of your accounts on each of your apps (such as Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter). This action ties up all the loose ends while adding an additional layer of security.

Perform a factory reset. 

Go to the Settings app first. Click Reset after selecting General from the Settings menu. Simply select Erase All Content and Settings. Then click Next. Your passcode might be required. Next, select Erase iPhone. 

When you’ve decided to delete your device, just sit back and wait for the magic to unfold.