9 Ways to Use Up Your Extra Holiday Wrapping Paper

Around half of the 4.6 million pounds (2.1 million kg) of wrapping paper generated annually in the United States is dumped in landfills. While the majority of wrapping paper may be recycled, some types—those that utilize glitter and other chemicals to provide a shiny or matte effect—cannot. Additionally, if it has Scotch tape on it, it cannot be recycled. 

There are other uses for wrapping paper besides saving unwanted (and even used) pieces for gift-giving the next year. Here are 9 inventive methods you may use this holiday season to recycle your used Christmas wrapping paper:

  1. 1. create paper bows 

Without a colorful bow to tie it all together, no gift is complete. If you don’t have one, you can create a lovely bow out of leftover wrapping paper. You are welcome to experiment and create something unique, or you may attempt one of these DIY paper bow instructions. 

  1. 2. Creating a Pen Holder 

You require a pen or pencil holder to arrange your supply of writing implements whether you work from home or have a desk at your place of employment. You can say good-bye to dull pen cups and hello to lovely holiday-themed office decor by using leftover wrapping paper. Use wrapping paper to decorate your pen holder and a little hot glue to keep it together, or use decorated old tin cans as a substitute.

3. Create paper confetti 

Extra wrapping paper is ideal for making paper confetti, which has many purposes. Simply put some Christmas present wrap through a paper shredder, then scatter the shredded paper as decoration on the mantel or table. Additionally, you can add festive touches like confetti to boxes of cookies and other delicacies you might be sending to friends and family.

4. Construct a paper wallet 

With a wallet constructed from leftover wrapping paper, you can make gift-buying feel a little more like Christmas. Three different types of paper wallets, including one for bitcoin, have instructions on WikiHow. This holiday season, you’re probably going to spend a lot of money, so why not store some of it somewhere fun? 

5. Keeping Fragile Decorations Safe 

Instead of discarding leftover wrapping paper once the holiday season is over, use it to keep decorations and delicate decor from sustaining harm in storage. Take your leftover holiday wrapping paper and use it to cushion breakable ornaments or squeeze it between packed decorations.

  1. 6. Frame It

Some Christmas paper is simply too beautiful to be wasted. To add holiday cheer to your home, hang your wrapping paper in a picture frame in the living room or add some festive decorations to walls of family photos. Even better, you can adorn the piece of art just like you would a gift. 

7. Make paper decorations 

This craft is ideal for kid-friendly households. Online guides and videos abound that show viewers how to create various elegant paper ornaments and decorations. Even if you’re not Martha Stewart, you can still make something special for the tree or mantel this year by following these decorating tutorials from House Beautiful.

8. Create Artistic Tray Liners 

Your delicious Christmas treats are delicious on their own, but they would look even better in a festive environment. Use some leftover wrapping paper to line your food trays and cookie platters when entertaining this season. 

9. Create a Christmas tree out of paper 

For your Christmas table arrangement, are you still looking for a last-minute centerpiece? With its truly one-of-a-kind design, this adorable homemade paper Christmas tree could even compete with the Rockefeller Center tree. It can be made using leftover wrapping paper.