Windows 10 Driver Update Procedure 

The majority of your device drivers are updated by Windows 10 automatically. However, you can manually install the most recent drivers (for example, those for your graphics card) by downloading them from the website of the device’s manufacturer or by using Device Manager. We’ll demonstrate how.

When must device drivers be manually updated? 

The automated driver installation feature of Windows 10 saves you time and effort by installing the most recent drivers for the majority of your hardware components. It might, however, fail to install drivers for particular devices.

You can manually install drivers on your PC, as we’ll describe in this post, if you want to install them for those particular devices or if you want to utilize specific drivers that are only accessible on the website of the manufacturer of your device.

Update Device Drivers Automatically Using Device Manager 

With Windows 10’s Device Manager tool, you can choose to install already-downloaded drivers or let your computer automatically search and install the most recent drivers for your devices. 

To utilize this technique, open the “Start” menu and look for “Device Manager” there. the search results, and then click the app.

Locate the category for your device in Device Manager and click the right arrow icon next to it. Then select “Update Driver” by selecting “Right Click” on your actual device. 

A window titled “Update Drivers” will open. Select “Search Automatically for Drivers” to have Windows locate and install the most recent drivers for you. 

Install the drivers if you’ve previously downloaded them to your computer by clicking “Browse My Computer for Drivers” and then selecting the appropriate drivers. 

We’ll choose the first choice.

Device Manager will download and install any updated drivers for your device if they are discovered. The next step is to restart your Windows 10 computer. 

Device Manager will claim that the best drivers for your device are already loaded if newer drivers are not readily available. By selecting “Search for Updated Drivers on Windows Update,” you may still make your computer check for the most recent drivers via system updates. 

You can check for the most recent software updates, which may include newer drivers, in the Settings app if you selected the Windows Update option.

And in doing so, you enable Windows to assist you in locating and setting up the most recent device drivers on your computer. Very helpful 

Install the most recent device drivers manually

On their websites, the majority of device manufacturers provide driver downloads. By doing this, you may search and install the most recent drivers without using Windows Update or Device Manager.